Getting an RV’s holding tanks is a bit of science, dark art, experience, and skill all wrapped up into one. We’ll explain how we do what we do in this article.

Your holding tanks are basically large, plastic boxes that are either cubicle in shape (for most motor coaches) or long, flat, and shallow (most travel trailers and fifth wheels). Some RVs have actually very complicated geometry to them. We’ve seen these in some Winnebagos and Country Coaches, where there are ledges and different heights or nooks within holding tanks. No wonder it’s so hard to get them clean!

It’s all a practiced and perfected process

So how does Kleen Tank get holding tanks “factory kleen?” We use the cleaning power of concentrated, high-powered water at 1500 PSI (pounds per square inch). How high pressure is that? Well, the pressure of water from your RV park’s (or home’s outside) water spigot is about 50 to 75 PSI. Your RV’s onboard black tank sprayer’s pressure is about 100 to 150 PSI for comparison.

Cleaning first

How do we get that high-pressure water into your tank? Simple. We attach a special pipe fitting between your RV’s waste system exit pipe and the articulated sewer hose that removes waste and sends it on to the park’s in-ground disposal or handling system.

Using a special six-chamber, commercial water pump, high-pressure water is sent up a tiny flexible hose that ends in a special cleaning head. This head is similar to what a commercial plumber might use to clear a septic line of tree roots, sand, etc., except instead of the head being the size of your fist, it’s about the size of your pinky thumbnail.

The cleaning head has holes drilled into the back of it to create a jet of high-pressure water that no only propels or drives the head through your waste system pipes and into your tanks, but also serves to blast away accumulated build-up within your tanks.

Flushing and finishing second

Once we’ve cleaned your tanks out, we use a special reverse-flush water valve that pushes water quickly and forcefully back into your holding tank, filling it up. This is then released quickly, flushing out any residual waste. This process is repeated until the tank is clean and the water coming out is clear.

We may use additional cleaning and flushing processes during our professional cleaning service. Over ten years of experience, cleaning thousands of RVs has taught the Kleen Tank family of authorized dealers a few tricks that our competition doesn’t know about.

In conclusion

While cleaning the “typical” RV’s holding tanks may seem like an easy task, we’ve encountered enough tough and tricky RVs to learn our way around some of the hardest cleaning jobs. From toilet and tank clogs to dealing with tricky macerators and even tanks that most tank cleaners won’t even attempt to clean, as an Authorized Kleen Tank dealer, you can rest assured that we have the training and skillsets to handle any RV tank cleaning job.